The main beneficiaries of our solutions have been companies or institutions in the telecommunications, finance, government and university sectors, among others.


The constant challenge of ST Consultores is to find solutions that prepare its customers to the demands and requirements that competition in the national and international market establishes. The main beneficiaries of these solutions have been government, finance, university, industrial and telecommunications companies and institutions.

Internal Projects 

In addition to providing services to other companies, ST Consultores develops applications for internal use. These applications automate and streamline management processes of the institution itself, while adding value and expertise to future external projects.

State-Owned Enterprises

ST Consultores has extensive experience in working with state agencies in Uruguay. It has developed systems and/or selected personnel for the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), the Municipal Government of Montevideo (IMM), the Legislative Palace, the Social Welfare Bank (BPS), the National Administration of Power Plants and Electrical Transmissions (UTE), the National Telecommunications Administration (ANTEL), Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), the Uruguayan Institute for Children and Adolescents (INAU), Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM),the Regulatory Unit of Communication Services (URSEC) and the Agency for the Development of e-Government Management and the Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC), among other agencies.

National Private Companies 

Regarding national private companies, it has developed systems and/or selected personnel for companies such as Bull Uruguay, Deloitte, BANDES, Banco Santander, Microsoft, BIP BIP RADIOMENSAJE, TIEMPOST, Interagrovial S.A., Solution Alliance, FISCHER & SCHICKENDANTZ, Bioforo S.A., De la cocina catering, GONIDER S.A. and SEG Ingeniería , among others.

International Private Companies 

Some of the international private companies ST Consultores has worked or is working with are TITAN, SHELL, Banco Estado (Chile), Chilean Development Bank, Banorte, PROSA, Telefónica, VIVO, Embratel, PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) and Sabia Corporation.


ST Consultores has provided services in the telecommunications area to the Catholic University of Uruguay, where it has developed, among other things, an innovative online student self-management system.