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Analista Funcional

OBJETIVO: nuestra búsqueda se orienta a perfiles informáticos con gusto por análisis, diseño y testing, para trabaja ...


Perfil Java Junior

OBJETIVO: nuestra búsqueda se orienta a perfiles informáticos con experiencia en Java para incorporarse a trabajar en ...


Perfil desarrollador para Telecontrol

OBJETIVO: se selecciona perfil para ingresar a trabajar en importante ente público. REQUISITOS: • Estudiante a ...


Capacitación en Apia BPMS

OBJETIVO: trabajar con tecnología BPM (Business Process Management) mediante la capacitación en Apia BPMS. REQUISITOS ...


Our services are concentrated in the area of technology and software. We offer solutions, training, consulting and recruitment.


The company has successfully entered the Business Process Management market through the Apia software.

Staff Recruitment

We commit to select the people best suited to the demands of the position and the culture of each organization.


ST Consultores stands out in providing an excellent outsourcing service.


ST Consultores provides training courses in commonly used technologies and methodologies to its staff and customers.

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Direct access to some of the services we provide to regular users of the site of ST Consultores.